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The Two Vikings Publication List

The following is a listing of currently available Two Vikings publications (click on image for further details or to purchase):

Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide

Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide

This is THE guide to Pattaya… everything you could possibly need to know about one of the world’s largest beach resorts, all contained in one volume, mixed together with over 250 hotel listings and descriptions, a choice of over 150 restaurants, and more activities than you could possibly do in a lifetime.

Included in this book are detailed maps of the entire area, showing you exactly where everything is, and also an exciting section on the red light scene (with detailed listings on bars, gogos, massage parlours, discos, and information on how it all works).  Available in both Kindle format and in paperback.







Pattaya Short Stories

Pattaya Short Stories

Pattaya… love it or hate it, this steaming city by the sea possesses a rich tapestry of characters and events, presenting the perfect stage for a fiction author to write about.

There are five richly entertaining tales of scams, greed, corruption and treachery in the city of sin.

Join Alex as he engages in a life threatening pursuit of a Nigerian scam artist.

Experience the hopelessness of Gerhard as he butts heads with Pattaya mafia and tries to flee.

Have a drink in “The Liar’s Pub” and get to know the interesting tales from the pub’s regulars.

Fall in love with a bar girl and learn how easily money can corrupt a relationship… in this case with potentially fatal consequences.

Finally, live it up large with John, in his million dollar beach house, successful business, and questionable morals. How far will John go to get what he wants, and at what price.