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Using the Rabbit Card for purchases, everything you need to know

The Rabbit Card is an excellent way to utilise the BTS skytrain network, but did you know the Rabbit Card is also a e money system and is a convenient way to make purchases of goods and services in Bangkok?

There are over 100 participating merchant partners, including fast food outlets such as McDonald, cafes and popular food halls. Look for the the Rabbit Card welcome sign, its a simple transaction, tap and go with your Rabbit Card to pay and your done,

How to get Credit

Rabbit cards and credit can be purchased at any BTS train station ticket office as well as other Authorised Top-up Service Providers displaying the “top up” sign, minimum purchase of 100 Baht, up to 4000 Baht maximum and valid up to 5 years of purchase.

Credit can also be purchased at the Rabbit Service Center are now available on Concourse level at BTS Siam Station, Service Hours: Everyday 8:00 am. – 8:00 pm.

Registering your Rabbit Card

It’s a good idea to register your Rabbit Card online, this has the added benefits of earning Rabbit Reward Points, which can be redeemed for useful discount vouchers. Registering the card includes the option to suspend the card if it is lost or stolen.

BTS Ticket Office


Using Rabbit Line for purchases

Rabbit Line Pay is also additional option to turn your smart phone into a cashless payment system, giving people the ability to pay for goods and services including BTS fares, as well as online purchases and money transfers to other users, all while utilising your Rabbit Card credit balance.

To use Rabbit Line Pay, you will need to download and install the Line messaging app, go to the Line store ( and log in with your email, select add credit, select payment method via Rabbit Line payment e-wallet or credit card (Line Pay), choose a refill amount and select top up.


Register the Rabbit Card for Rabbit Rewards and start accumalating points on purchase. Redeem the points for useful discount vouchers with over 100 Rabbit merchant parnters (see below).

How to earn Points.

  • Earn 1 point per BTS train ride, capped at 40 points per month.
  • Earn 5 points when purchasing at a partner merchant, an additional 1 point for purchases at the same merchant on the same say

Earn points with Rabbit Line Pay

  • spend 0-99 Baht, get  5 points
  • spend 100-199 Baht, get  10 points
  • spend 200-299 Baht, get  15 points
  • spend 300-399 Baht, get 20 points
  • spend 400-499 Baht, get 25 points
  • spend 500-599 Baht, get  30 points
  • spend 600-699 Baht, get  35 points
  • spend 700-799 Baht, get  40 points
  • spend 800-899 Baht, get  45 points
  • spend 900-999 Baht, get  50 points
  • second transaction same merchant get 5 points.

How to redeem Rabbit Rewards

To redeem your points, log into your Rabbits Rewards account, pick the desired voucher, click the redeem voucher to receive the voucher code, use the code at the store or website.


Rabbit  Merchant Partners



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