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Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide – voted on Koh Samui Sunset

Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide

Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide

Recognition for all the hard work on the first of our travel guides is finally starting to emerge.

The expat forum site Koh Samui Sunset recently cited our guide as the number one regional guide for Pattaya.  The link to their guide book review is here (opens in new window):

The Amazon link for the guidebook is here:

Hopefully, this can now trickle into a few more sites and get a bit more attention.

For those interested in Thailand based guides, we have been busy this year and we have a few things about to be released.  We typically aim to publish in about October or November, in preparation for peak tourist season in December.

Our coming line-up for this October is as follows:

1. The October 2015 revision to Pattaya: The Comprehensive Guide.  This isn’t just an update on information, but a big format change, with new types of information, some really fun challenges for readers to do while in Pattaya and completely revised maps.

2. Bangkok: The Comprehensive Guide.  As with the Pattaya guide, we are aiming to bring out the best travel guide for Bangkok that has ever been written.  The guide will contain details that have never been mentioned in any other guide.  Bangkok will never be the same again.

3. Dating Thai Girls Online: The Comprehensive Guide (Including tips and tricks to  The title says it all.  However, we don’t just explain how to find compatible partners, but discuss the cultural aspects of dating in Thailand, warning signs in relationships, and how to make a relationship work.  We also expose various erroneous myths about Thailand and its women and discuss the negative implications of how some people abuse dating sites.


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