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The Two Vikings Show – Episode 1 Airs on YouTube

Two Vikings Show

The first ever Two Vikings Show has aired on youtube, and it is… “Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!” … watch the show and you will get the awesome joke.

Why a Two Vikings Show? I guess its a natural shift in media platforms, to include not just typed blogs, but to now add some video production as well. To make things interesting, the first episode uses stop motion animation, using lego characters, seated in a fully detailed lego tv studio (complete with lego lights, cameras, tracks, producers, sound people etc). Its all really cute and was a lot of fun to produce.

Two Vikings Studio
Two Vikings Studio

Whether or not Two Vikings will continue to use lego characters for future episodes remains to be seen. Producing this episode took a lot of work… much more than we originally expected. However, if audiences enjoy and appreciate the style (its a bit like Robot Chicken), we will endeavour with it. Otherwise, we will present as ourselves which involves much less editing.

So… what is Episode One about… as per our recent blogs, we have kept it Pattaya based (as there is a lot of interest in Pattaya at present from our readers). For a bit of humour, we explore the concept of “Ringing the Bell”… that is the age old tradition in Pattaya of ringing a ship’s bell in a bar, and then paying for the consequences of doing so. Many a Pattaya newbie has sunken to the briny depths as a result of ringing said bell.

Anyway, we also shamelessly plug our new book… well because its “Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!!!!!”, poke some fun at the Gilette ads and at ladyboys… its worth a watch, and let us know what you think? Should we keep the lego stop motion animation?

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