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Pattaya – The Red Light Guide – Awarded #1 New Release on Amazon

It’s not even been two weeks since we published “Pattaya – the Red Light Guide”, and already Amazon has awarded the book as the Number One New Release for Thailand Travel.  So far, we have only gone for a soft release and have not even started any real marketing campaigns yet, so to us, this was a bit of a surprise and is testament to the hard work and quality that we put into this guide book.

The cover of “Pattaya – the Red Light Guide”. Clicking the link takes you to its Amazon page.

For those that are interested, the guide is available from Amazon in both e-book (kindle) and paperback versions.  If you have Amazon Prime, the book is enrolled in that service, so that is an alternative way to get your hands on the e-book version.  If you purchase the paperback version, you are also entitled to the e-book version for free.  You can also preview the book on Amazon to see if it is what you are after.

Also worth mentioning, we are currently working on a few more guides that will be released later this year.  For those interested in golf, the next guide being released will concentrate on the golf courses located around Thailand’s eastern seaboard (ie those around Chonburi, Rayong and Chantaburi.  In addition, we are working on an ultimate shopping and activities guide for Pattaya, that is fully updated to take into account all of the recent changes such as the recently opened Terminal 21 Shopping Centre.  Finally, later in the year, keep an eye out for our Pattaya Restaurant Guide, which will be an up-to-date dining out guide, divided based on food type, pricing and location, so you will always know where to go to get good quality food.

If you are interested in any of our guides, you can find them on Amazon here.  Also, the Amazon page for the above Red Light Guide is available here.

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