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Publication Update – Pattaya – The Red Light Guide

Seven years in the making…!  Has it really been that long?  We set out to publish the best guide relating to the red light industry in Pattaya, and we have finally reached our objective.  The amount of research that went into this publication is mind-blowing and it is easily the best guide on its topic ever produced.


The book has been published on Amazon and is available in both kindle (ebook) and paperback versions.  Pricing is a little higher compared to some of our competitors, but the difference in quality between this guide and what else is out there is like comparing a Rolls Royce with a Hyundai.  The kindle version is priced at US$9.99 and the paperback is US$14.99 (higher due to print costs).  Amazon does have various deals that can provide you with access to the book cheaper.  Also, if you purchase the print version, you can also download the kindle version for free.  For those not familiar with Amazon’s kindle formatted books, you don’t actually need a kindle e-reader to view the books.  Books can be viewed on kindle apps that are available for most popular platforms, such as windows, android, iOS, and OSX.

While the other guides leave a lot to be desired (and don’t even include maps), this one acts as a one stop go-to reference.  It is also accurate, up-to-date, and full of things that others haven’t even contemplated mentioning.  Some of the highlights of the guide are:

  1. The most detailed (and accurate) maps of Pattaya’s red light districts ever produced, including not only correct locations for red light venues, but detailed side street details (including the names given by locals – eg Soi Happy, Soi BJ, Covent Garden), major landmarks, and a few interesting easter eggs added in to see if you are paying attention.
  2. Our now infamous and cheeky walking tours. That’s right – continuing on from our previous guide, we have developed some very specific, hilarious and challenging self-paced walking tours of the red light areas for you to enjoy.
  3. The most matter of fact and objective advice you will ever find on how the red light industry worksin Pattaya, including pricing, “old hand” tips and tricks, our top picks and recommendations, history, and views on current trends in the industry.
  4. The most comprehensive listing of a-gogos, updated at the time of going to print, to include every a-gogo currently open in Pattaya, with full details including location, description of what it offers and pricing (for drinks and “other things”). We also have an awesome section where we list what we consider to be the current favourite a-gogos, with a discussion on why they made our list.
  5. We list all of the different nightlife options available in Pattaya. We truly are comprehensive, with not just a-gogos and beer bars, but different massage options, gentlemen’s clubs, dance clubs, freelancers, and more.
  6. We have gone modern and include a detailed section on how to find Thai girls (including bar girls) on-line and all about on-line relationships.
  7. We have a large section that discusses in objective detail the issues with having relationships with Thai girls, and bar girls, including advice on what issues you are likely to face and how to overcome them.
  8. We don’t discriminate. We include sections dedicated to ladyboys and for the gay scene as well.

For more details, you can click here to go to Amazon to preview the book.

If you have enjoyed this site and its content, then please consider purchasing the book (or one of our other publications).  Also, if you enjoyed the book, please submit a comment on Amazon to let us (and everyone else) know.


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