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Pattaya Walking Street Accommodation Pro’s & Cons

Walking Street with its colourful bright neon lights and thumping music emanating from the various clubs and bars, scantly clad women holding the cheap draught beer signs enticing punters into their establishments.  The multitude of international tourists bustling through the crowds with eyes wide with wonder. Fragrant odours of the street food and the many restaurants, just adds to the excitement that is the unmistakably the essence of Walking street.

With all this at hand, is it a good idea to actually stay within Walking Street? in this blog I will offer my opinion of what I see as the Pro’s and Con’s with staying in Walking Street Accommodation, whether you are a single traveller, a couple or as a family.


The single traveller (usually but not exclusively, majority male).

  • Convenient access to the red light component of Walking street,
  • Easy to find a company, making travelling alone much easier and enjoyable.
  • Access to 7/Eleven, street food & restaurants


  • Ease of access to the dance clubs and bars
  • Plenty of restaurants
  • Close proximity to Bali Hi Pier.


  • I wouldn’t recommend staying in Walking Street at all, its just a bad idea, I always recommend North Pattaya for families, its a far more suitable place and your less likely to get those embarrassing questions from the kids.

Another Pro is the ease of access to Jomtien, good if you want to go to Pattaya Park or would like access to a quieter beach.  It is also a short walk to Second Road to catch a songthew to Central or North Pattaya, and great for those fitness minded people who like to do the walk up the mountain and take some photo’s of the Pattaya City sign and the panoramic views of Signal Hill look out.


The biggest drawback has to be the noise factor, with live music blaring from the bars, thumping music emanating from the various clubs and drunken excited voices from the multitudes of tourists, this can be a real problem for light sleepers and can put a major blight on your trip. Conversing Walking Street during the day can be difficult and hazardous as Walking Street is open to traffic during the day.  This generally forces people to walk on the foot paths, which are not exactly pedestrian friendly, these foot paths are uneven and full of holes, even if you manage to avoid a fall or ankle injury there is even a greater danger with loose and low lying electrical cable everywhere, you need to really take care of where you are walking.

Accommodation Picks

But having said all of this and if you are ready to stay within the Walking Street area, I am listing what I think are a few of my top hotel picks with Agoda links for price comparison.

Luxury Pick

Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa – this is the Southern-most luxury resort in Pattaya bay and the original building was built in 1972. It’s location marks the end of Walking Street and because it owns the land on both sides of the street, this is the only part of Walking Street that is actually relatively peaceful. The main property is huge and has both a tropical pool within the lush gardens, as well as an infinity pool by the beach. This is one of our favourites and the only negative is the peace is broken slightly by the Chinese tour groups marching past heading between Bali Hai pier and Walking Street. Pricing from B2,900. (Agoda Link here)

Mid Tier Pick

VC Hotel;  Great 3 star mid range option close to Walking Street. Nice rooms with modern decor, VC Hotel ranks highly with guest reviews on Agoda. Features a ground floor swimming pool, coffee shop/bar, restaurant, fitness centre and free wifi. (Agoda link here)

Budget Pick

Swiss Restaurant and Guesthouse – Good for those on a tight budget (pricing is under B1,000). Location is just off of Walking Street, down Soi Diamond. The restaurant and guesthouse are European managed and has a good reputation. There are multiple room options including the top floor Jacuzzi suite. Room quality is quite good, including all of the usual amenities and free wifi. In peak seasons, this place tends to be fully booked, so book well in advance for Christmas and Songkran periods. (Agoda link here)

Single Traveller Pick

Galaxy Suites – This boutique hotel in the centre of Soi Diamond (above Heaven Above Agogo) is the red light choice for the single traveller on a medium budget (under B2,000). Being in the middle of ground zero, this place will pick up a lot of street noise. However, rooms are tastefully decorated, modern, and very suited to red light aficionados, especially the top floor Jacuzzi Suite. (Agoda link here)


In Conclusion

Staying within Walking Street can be a great way to get the maximum benefits of all the night life options, with the flexibility of multiple visits with the one night giving the traveller the multiple experience of the different stages as Walking Street tends to really kick off after midnight. The downside is obviously the noise factor when you are trying to get some sleep, combined with traversing Walking Street during the day is tedious and not without its dangers.


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