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Terminal 21 Pattaya – Grand Opening

Terminal 21 Entrance

That’s right, Pattaya’s own Terminal 21 finally opened yesterday, 19 October 2018.  I have been long awaiting this opening as I have wandered past the construction site during the last couple of years, and yesterday I was fortunate enough to be in Pattaya for the grand opening.

Terminal 21 Escalator

Terminal 21 – What is it?

For those that aren’t familiar with Terminal 21 in Bangkok, it is a travel themed shopping centre, with the concept being around an airport and each level represents a different city or country.  Further, each floor targets specific themes such as Paris and Tokyo being largely cosmetics and women’s fashion, whilst London is men’s fashion.  In addition, there are movies (SF Cinema – Hollywood level), games, all kinds of restaurants, chain stores, independent stores, a Foodland supermarket, and heaps of cool things to take photos of.  Each floor almost convinces you that you are in that country/city.  For example, Paris includes an Eiffel Tower that extends from ground level all the way to the top floor.  Italy has a leaning tower of Pisa, Tokyo has sumo wrestlers and cherry blossom trees, San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge, and London has a double decker bus.

The Pattaya store has remained largely faithful to the Bangkok model.  The floors in order (from ground up) are ground: Paris; mezzanine: London; 1st floor: Italy; 2nd floor: Tokyo; 3rd floor: San Francisco; 4th (top) floor: Hollywood.  Unlike the Bangkok store, there is no Jamaica (basement), there is only a single San Francisco level (Bangkok has two levels for San Francisco – food) and the Pattaya building has a level dedicated to Italy, which is missing in the Bangkok store.

One thing I noticed about the Pattaya version compared to the Bangkok one is the building is longer.  The Bangkok building is a sort of L shape, and a fairly short footprint.  However, the Pattaya store is a quite long rectangle.  The Bangkok store is 55,000 m3 of retail space, whilst Pattaya has 180,000m3 of retail space, making it substantially larger.

Terminal 21

The Grand Opening

The grand opening was a massive affair, with shops offering all sorts of promotions, the centre setting up a large stage under the Eiffel Tower, with fashion shows, celebrity appearances, and competitions.  For me personally, it was a bit of a struggle as there were people crowded everywhere.  Trying to take video and photos for this blog and youtube were a real pain.  Everyone was queuing up for selfies in front of all the different sites, and trying to navigate through was complicated.

Apart from the stage on the ground floor, I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t more.  Central Festival (in order to compete with Terminal) had a rock concert on in front of their store, which seemed to really build up the crowds.

That being said, I suspect almost everyone in Pattaya visited Terminal yesterday at some point during the day.

Terminal at night was quite cool.  The two planes at the front (on a replica of a runway) were lit up, as was the runway.  Also in one corner, there is a mini beach with wave pool, which is also lit up.

Detailed Description of Each Floor


Ground Floor – Paris

The Ground Floor is Paris.  If you enter via the main entrances (either Gate 1 or 2) you will be presented with the large escalator (one of the largest in Thailand) that extends up to Tokyo (4 floors up).  In addition, in the centre you will find the Eiffel Tower and at the other end of the store (eastern end) is a representation of a Parisian park, complete with fountains, trees and a painter at work.

In terms of items for sale, Paris is primarily women’s fashion.  The main stores are H&M and Uniqlo.  Other popular brands include Lyn, CC Double O, Lacoste, Super Dry, Jaspal, Misty Minx, Timberland, Playboy, Calvin Klein, Guess Jeans.  Non-clothing stores include Eve and Boy (cosmetics), Naraya (silk products), Aldo (shoes), Onitsuka Tiger (shoes), Pandora (jewellery), DC Super Hero (super hero merchandise), Swarovsky (crystal jewellery), and various watch shops.

Eiffel Tower

Mezzanine Floor – London

The Mezzanine Level has a London theme and is quite similar to the one in Bangkok (double decker bus, London telephone box etc).  You can access this level directly from Pattaya North Road via one of the two “jetways” rather than via the ground floor entrances.

London concentrates on men’s fashion, as well as sports wear, food and groceries.  It includes the mens’ wear sections for H&M and Uniqlo, and men’s cosmetics section for Eve and Boy.  At the eastern end is a Food Land supermarket, as well as supermarket related stores such as a Bread Talk bakery, and various small restaurants (eg Potato Corner and Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart.  This section also has a few smaller restaurants including Japanese, a Cold Stone ice cream, Star Bucks, and Coffee World.  Finally, there is a section selling street style food in the centre.

In terms of other stores (mostly clothing and sports), you will find Quiksilver, Element 72, AiiZ, ESP Cloths, Anello bags, Rip Curl, Crocs, Adidas, Asics, Sketchers, Sports World, Rev Runnr (like Sports World), Puma, and a store dedicated to swim wear.


Level 1 – Italy

I kind of expected Italy to provide a similar theme as London (ie men’s fashion).  After all, Terminal 21 in Bangkok has two floors dedicated to women (Paris and Tokyo).  However, it is actually more of a hybrid floor, with a real mix of things, such as food, jewellery, IT and camera.

In terms of photogenic spots, Italy has gondolas at the western end, a leaning tower of Pisa in the centre, an okay representation of Florence to the east, and the bathroom is done up in a Formula 1 theme.

For stores, Italy has a lot of cafes mixed around the level.  In addition, there are mobile phone stores such as True, AIS, Samsung, Huawei and Jaymart.  There are also IT stores such as Studio 7 (Apple), Banana IT, Mine (PC hardware), and .Life (Apple related).  The banks are also located on this level (eastern end).  For clothing, there are some hip chain stores such as Rosso Union, Levis, Kamimura (a cool Japanese clothing line), Lee, Mc, Hara, and John Henry.  Women’s lingerie are also here, such as Sabina, Waco and Jockey (western end).  To add to the mix, there are jewellery, eye glass and watch stores here, such as Optical 88, Watch Station and City Chain.  There are also a couple of camera related shops such as Big Camera on this level.  Also two pharmacies (next to each other) Boots and Watsons.  Finally, at the western end, there are some beauty and face care places such as Curly Cuts (hair) and a bunch of face care clinics.


Level 2 – Tokyo

In Bangkok, Tokyo is very much a women’s fashion level.  In Pattaya, it is more like Bangkok’s Istanbul level, with a lot of knick-knack type stores.  In terms of themes, Tokyo doesn’t have too many landmarks, but the level itself is well done, with Japanese lanterns everywhere, narrow Japanese style streets, Tokyo subway style sections, sumo wrestlers, and lots of kawaii (Japanese for “cute”).

Store-wise, Tokyo is where you will find most of the independent stores, especially at the western end.  Some of the little shops I noticed had things such as handbags, jewellery, skin care, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, soap, toys, collectibles, gunpla, action figures, super heroes, teddy bears, and other knick-knacks.  Towards the east there are a lot of restaurants, and once again, these are more independent rather than the large chain restaurants, for example Arnos for steaks burgers and beer, and Grillicious, a nice looking Lebanese restaurant.  I also spotted a Piri Piri chicken, Taverna wine bar, Amporn seafood buffet, Chutney Indian, Teddy’s burgers and Beerfest.

Finally, in the middle, I did find a couple of chain stores, such as Paul Frank and outdoor wear stores (with brands like North Face).


Level 3 – San Francisco

As with Bangkok, San Francisco is the dining section, and is taken up mainly with chain restaurants.  In terms of scenery, the dominating feature is the Golden Gate Bridge.  In addition, there are various other reminders of San Francisco such as the bay scenery with rocks, seagulls and sea lions.

At the far eastern end of this level is Pier 21, which is a food hall (with great seating giving you a view over Pattaya Nua Road and all the way to the ocean).  The food hall uses a cash card system (rabbit cards do not work here unfortunately).  In addition, there is also a small section labelled Pier 39 which seems to be dedicated to fresh seafood.

Next to the food hall is the ticket sales counters for SF Cinemas.

After that, heading west, everything is chain restaurant.  Chains include Chester’s Grill, Karls Jr (excellent hamburgers), Pizza Company, Haagen Dazs ice cream, Swensons Ice Cream, Santa Fe Steak, KFC, Pepper Lunch, Shabushi, Sizzler, Sukishi (Korean BBQ), Yayoi (Japanese), Fuji, MK (Sukiyaki), and BBQ Plaza.

Golden Gate Bridge

Level 4 – Hollywood

Level 4 is similar to Bangkok’s Hollywood level, in that this is where the cinema screens are.  However, the ticket sales for the cinema are actually down a level at San Francisco.  In terms of scenery, Hollywood doesn’t have much.  I was hoping for a decent representation of the Hollywood Hills, but this is sadly lacking.  Instead, you get the large Oscar award statue instead (same as in Bangkok).  Apart from the cinema, the only other venue on this level is a large Hado Planet games arcade, which has various arcade games, air hockey, basketball etc.

Overall Impressions

I really like the new Terminal 21.  It’s easy to get around, lots of eating options (always important), and has some interesting little stores on Tokyo level that I want to check out in more detail (I love Gunpla).

How to Get There

Terminal 21 is located next to the Dolphin Round-a-Bout, at the intersection between Pattaya North (Nua) Road and Pattaya Second Road (short walk from Central Marina).  The easiest way to get there is a 10 baht songtaew (Baht Bus) ride along Second Road.

T21 at Night



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